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Present projects

Young women life projects

Project: Creators


We train and accompany  young women who are going thought  situations of social vulnerability , to promote the creation of vital projects that strengthen the singular life spaces  and  community networks.


 How do we do it?


Building an autobiographical diagnosis and critically reflecting on singular contexts.


Making visible, analyzing and deconstructing the representations that participate in the production of  social inequalities, evaluating challenges and opportunities to create other possible life contexts.


Incorporating updated and effective tools that allow the exercise of inclusive leadership.


Training and accompanying women in the design of a vital / occupational / labor project that promotes the  expansion of their freedoms.


Through a series of face-to-face workshops designed to make visible, reflect on and jointly create strategies that enhance the opportunities to transform the  singular contexts of each participant, focusing on subjective resources as an essential requirement for the expansion and enrichment of the vital context.


General objective

Create, together with women strategies through the creation of vital, occupational and work projects that enhance and expand vital opportunities.


Specific objectives

1.- Accompany each woman in a subjective reflection process through a critical and reflective analysis of her current life situation.

2.- Build with each woman her Occupational Training Project

3.- Promote the appropriation of technical and subjective tools so that they are incorporated as effective vital resources.


Banco GALICIA. Program Redondeo Solidario.

Youth labor inclusion

Project: Bridges

Together with our partners, we are building an innovative program that promotes the inclusion of young people in situations of social vulnerability. How? Through 3 key instances: learning process + tutorials + labor intermediation managers.


Our challenge: Establish an effective bridge between young people and training, education and job opportunities.

Our task is to train and accompany young people in the process of designing and implementing an occupational training project, which seeks to increase opportunities for genuine and sustainable social inclusion.




1. WHO?

60 Young people between 18 and 24 years old.



Each young person who enters the Program will be immersed in a learning process through work meetings and group reflection + individual tutorials + labor intermediation agencies.

The program is articulated and synergized from these three instances. Tutor and  Insertion Manager,  They are two key figures serving two distinctive spheres. The tutor intervenes in the subjective aspects to transform the powers into effective tools. The Insertion Manager, for its part, facilitates and plans the link between the young person and the different possible insertion spaces (training, occupational, work, educational, etc.)



The Program starts in April  (for the initial tasks of articulation with areas of Government and design of calls) and extends until its full implementation.


4. HOW?

From FOP, 4 groups of 15 young people each are formed. Each group will be assigned a responsible Tutor. The Insertion Manager works with the young people and, in a continuous and articulated way, with the Tutors. Tutor and  Insertion Manager accompany young people from the beginning of the program to its end,

The FOP carries out a Learning Process that is made up of 9 meetings grouped into 3 thematic blocks: Discovering my project, Working on my project, My project in Action. Each of the 9 meetings lasts 3 hours. Additionally, each Tutor establishes a singular and individual accompaniment plan with each of the members of his tutoring group. Simultaneously, the Insertion Manager,  designs a training / occupational / labor mediation plan tailored to each young person. Tutor and Manager accompany, in situ, the application / integration / selection / onboarding processes that each young person starts.





STARBUCKS of Argentina, Government of the City of Buenos Aires, Directorate of Strengthening for civil society organizations, Sub-secretariat of Labor, Industry and Commerce of CABA. General Directorate of Employment. Ministry of Economic Development.

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