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Employability Ecosystem

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We want to tell you that from FOP we have created an employability ecosystem that aims to accompany you in the training process, construction of a job profile and active search for a job according to your desires and interests. This workspace allows us to work on and develop those subjective aspects that are recognized and valued within the labor market and that contribute to your own personal trajectory. 

The Ecosystem continuously provides different spaces: training, accompaniment, subjective reflection, which help to strengthen your employability possibilities and your opportunities within a market with its own characteristics and demands.

Who are part of the ecosystem?

People who want to receive training and are looking for a job, Fundación Oportunidad who coordinates the Ecosystem and provides continuous training, the University of Buenos Aires who certifies the different courses and workshops to add value to your CV, and companies that offer job opportunities. 

We invite you to register on our platform and actively join the Ecosystem whose purpose is labor inclusion, through the construction of employability and the generation of job opportunities.

The Ecosystem in five steps

Registration on the Fundación Oportunidad platform.

Participation in employment skills training, with certification

of University
of Buenos Aires


Group workshops for orientation and accompaniment during the application process -online-.

Entry to the job.

Accompaniment and mentoring during the work experience.


The requirements to be part of the employability ecosystem are only three, but all are very important:


  • The commitment of each one with the different stages of the ecosystem.

  • The genuine desire to be part of this space.

  • Interest and availability for work.

Advantages of being part of the ecosystem

The ECOSYSTEM of employability offers different advantages for project participants.

Being prepared to enter the labor market is one of them. This is possible from the incorporation of subjective tools  that are sustained in the practicality, the recognition and
development of your own powers.  

This space gives you the chance to  be accompanied during the job search process recognizing the best strategies and choosing the best path to meet your expectations and desires.

To apply, click on the logo

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