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Youth Intervention

Diversity and Inclusion


Mission & Vision

Our organisation was born in 2001 and since then we have worked with more than 85.000 young people.


Fundación Oportunidad is a non-governmental organization oriented to research and dedicated to intervene in the field of youth subjectivities. We focus on new forms of subjectivation: How do young people think about themselves? What are the practices involved in this process?


What do we do in 5 points!


Research with youth, focusing on subjectivation processes and collective practices.


Development  of relevant conceptual frameworks  and of ad hoc devices to work with youth subjectivities.


Interventions in the field with different populations and in different geographical contexts, schools, neighborhoods, social organizations, government, State, companies.


Dissemination and participation in forums and projects of regional and international scope dedicated to youth.


Accompaniment carrying out different collective projects, promoting that the development of capacities and resources is translate into a genuine process of subjectivation.

Our philosophy

Our intervention and conceptual production work subtly addresses the very meanings that young people give to life projects, employment, the future, creativity and citizen participation, just to name a few areas of exploration in the FOP.

Perhaps the most paradigmatic example is linked to the idea of "vocation", a term traditionally used to clearly define a set of interests and goals regarding the future. 

It is clear that these representations were held in times when progress was based on the idea of linear development. Therefore, designing a life project used to involve a series of predefined steps that promised to guarantee certain objectives.

Certainly, conditions have radically changed.  A good allegory would be one of Escher's paintings, those where the same ladder goes up and down, diverges and twists like a Moebius strip.


We live in a fast changing world that challenges us, in our daily tasks,  to build situationality with others. 

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